Motivation - Harnessing Daily Motivation to Achieve Success

Motivation is one of the most important assets a person can have en route to self improvement. It is something you need on a daily basis. Without motivation, your thoughts of self improvement will dissipate and fade quite rapidly. You will be looking for reasons, or rather excuses, not to continue with any programme of self improvement.

The chances are, though, that if you have got this far, you have some motivation to improve yourself in one way or another. That really, is the first motivation you need: the motivation to be motivated. It shows an awareness that, to continue on the route to self improvement, your motivation will play an important part. Whether just personal or business motivation, it will help to reinforce that if you you remind yourself on a daily basis.

If the personal growth you are seeking has a number of branches, you may have a number of types and levels of motivation required all at the same time. For example, you may have just started your own business and are full of enthusiasm. That will apply a general motivation to push you forward. Say the inspiration for the business was a product you designed and have just patented. Your motivation to see that product in every home will probably be on autopilot; it will be pumping through that branch at high speed cruise.

To achieve seeing the product in every home, you need to market it. As you are so enthusiastic about the product, you can list out the features and benefits of the product with ease. Again, the motivation is automatic. However, you find there are different elements to marketing. One of them is selling. You don't like selling; you think it's a dirty business. When it comes to selling, your motivation is not on autopilot; you need to instill it in yourself. So your motivation to sell will require a motivation that can over come resistance daily. The dislike of selling will re-emerge quickly if your motivation does not suppress it.

That is just an example, but if you search yourself, you will find a lot of branches to attend to. They will benefit from the same meticulous attention a bonsai grower gives to a bonsai tree. You can jot down a list of those areas of your life which will benefit from a motivational uplift, and then think through how you can improve on those areas; how you can apply motivation rather than just let it drift or not appear at all. Try making it a routine to read through that list daily, maybe twice daily. Read it, say it out loud, in a quiet retreat in the home or outside. Make out the list in a positive way, using "I am" instead of "I will".

Persevere, and be patient. Over time, your motivation should be balanced across all the branches of your motivational tree. You will find it easy to give your motivation a boost with successes in your daily, weekly or long term activities. The test for you will come with the set backs. Try to be alert at all times of setback. By recognising your motivation is likely to slip at such a time, you can magnify your effort and attention. Turn the setback into something positive. That way you remain in control of your motivation, shielding it from all the negative debris trying to damage it.

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