Free yourself from negative habits and allow your true life force to flow
Habits are your minds way of getting something done subconsciously leaving you free to concentrate on higher functions.

As such they are extremely powerful and useful, enabling you to drive, eat, read and do many other things ‘automatically’.

Although it takes a lot of effort to learn these skills, once learned and then reinforced with repetition these patterns can be replayed time and time again with predictable results, without having to start from the beginning again.

Memorized Solutions
So in effect habits are time saving devices that allow your conscious to focus on more important and higher conceptual thinking whilst delegating learned responses to the subconscious. For example when writing we need to be able to think about what we are going to say rather than the actual mechanics of writing.

The Power of Habits
Although this facility of the mind to delegate memorized solutions to the subconscious to free us from the mundane is extremely powerful it can also work against us. As with most things it can be a double edged sword. Powerful for positive and powerful for negative.

On occasion your mind memorizes things which are not for your betterment. If these become ingrained due to repetition then they can be difficult to remove and quite frustrating when acknowledged.

Even when they are creating serious negative side effects the will to remove them and change can be constantly undermined by the automatic response and behaviour of the subconscious mind.

What is needed is to firstly evaluate the ingrained conditioning, then to identify what positive changes are required, before finally implementing practical techniques to remove and replace negative mind sets and make permanent shifts in perception.

Although all this is not easy, with today’s new techniques and products, it can be achieved.

It takes your willingness to start a process for change – and that can only come from within – from YOU!