Connecting Relationships
Create and sustain loving relationships that support and help you to grow.

There are many types of relationships from family to friends, acquaintances to co-workers, adversaries to intimate partners.

The one thing they have in common is your power. The power for you to decide to connect or not as the case may be.

You build and expand your relationships by deciding who you will connect with and who you will allow to connect with you.

That is your sovereign right.

But the more you communicate, the more you connect with your fellow human beings the more connected you become.

Shutting out the world, shuts you out.

Negative Relationships
Some relationships however can be negative. If they make you feel trapped or weakened in any way then it is your responsibility to correct the situation.

There maybe negative consequences for doing this but it still has to be done before your power is drained and you are no longer able to break free.

If you so do so then you will regain your power soon enough.

Relationships can be the most complex form of human behavior. They reach right into the root of the mystery of what it is to be a human being alive today. Here and now.