Align your beliefs to your awareness and live more consciously.

Spirituality here refers to the collection of beliefs you have about reality. Your ‘map’ of the world and all that is in it.

This includes how this reality works and also your role in it.

Whether we believe in ‘religion’ or in nothing at all we all believe in something. This belief is our spiritual belief about reality.

As long as that belief is empowering rather than dis-empowering then that is good.

However, it is possible for human being to develop dis-empowering spiritual beliefs that rob them of happiness and fulfillment.

When this happens getting back in touch with a more positive reality ‘map’ is essential.

In this sense it may be beneficial to enlighten your spirituality and to adopt more conducive thoughts and beliefs.

Spiritual growth is an integral part of the process of learning about the mystery of being human and about being all that you can be.