Discover YOUR Life Purpose

Find & Discover YOUR life’s meaning and the purpose for you being here.

Change YOUR life in ways that will bring you into harmony with YOUR true life’s purpose.

Your life doesn’t have to be this way. It is possible to change and to bring about a profound difference and harmony to not only what you do but also who YOU are.

Discover Your Real Life’s Purpose – Fast
How do you go about discovering your true purpose. The real reason why you are here and the real reason you exist.

In fact, does such such a thing exist at all?

Well whether you believe it or not it is possible to discover your life’s purpose – simply by following the steps below.

Its fast, easy and profound – are you ready?

There is only one requirement on your part. That you are willing to let go of all your preconceived notions of what your purpose has been or might be and simply allow yourself to be taken on a voluntary journey of self discovery. That you are open to the process. The more open you are the faster it will work. But work it will.

Lets begin!

Imagine you are starting out completely fresh in life. That somehow all that has gone before has melted away and all that is to come is not yet set.

Lie back somewhere quiet and with the possibility of not being disturbed too much. Let yourself relax and enjoy the experience. Its not homework. Its fun. So enjoy!

In your mind imagine a large blank screen. Totally blank and white. This screen is where we can write or even re-write what we are all about.

At the top imagine now that you write on the top of this blank white screen the question – ‘WHAT IS MY TRUE PURPOSE IN LIFE’

Underneath this write the first answer that pops into your head. Don’t judge it – just allow it to be.

Continue to do this. Writing more and more answer that pop into your head. Don’t judge them – just allow them to be.

Some will be false and some will be true.

Some may make you angry. Some may make you sad.

Some will be clutter and some will be profound.

But one. Only one. Will make you cry!

That my friend is your answer and THAT IS YOUR PURPOSE!

This process can be short or long depending on the social conditioning you may have regarding what you have been led to believe should be your purpose in life.

Many false memories and constructs of the mind will appear but when YOUR true answer arrives it will come from an entirely new and different source.

It will come from YOU.

The true ANSWER will be accompanied with a surge of positive emotion. An emotion that will break YOU by its very honesty and truth.

It may take time for this ANSWER to materialize and you should be patient. All you need to do is keep writing on the screen in your mind. The ANSWER may loop and spin, roll and dive, dissolve and solidify. But the ANSWER will surely come.

You may experience some boredom, resistance or irritation and perhaps even feelings of silliness attached to this exercise but please just keep writing.

These feelings will pass.

In the end you will find the ANSWER that fits you.

It will resonate with you deeply. Profoundly. And have a special energy that charges you.

Discovery The Easy Part
When you have found your life’s purpose, the real work begins.

The work of keeping yourself aligned on a daily basis with it and on track to achieving whatever it is that is your life’s purpose.

No-one knows why this works – we only know that different people’s answers are based on their unique individual belief systems that filter and offer a reflection of their own truth’s. But work it does.

Considering how important this is – the only wonder is why people take so long to try this.

To find and discover their own unique and special – life’s purpose.