Self Help Directory

Summary: 5 Minute Learning Machine is a self-help brand that provides their customers with a programme that can help them increase their reading speed, improve their memory and develop their learning skills. The name of the site and brand is quite self-explanatory. The programme they offer is a course to improve [...]
Summary: Actabit Weight Loss is a website which focuses on diet and nutrition, looking at achieving healthy living. The site looks at both interesting healthy recipes and the science of nutrition, educating and advising their readers on making healthy decisions with their food. The online resource covers a wide range [...]
Summary: Dieticle is a diet and nutrition website that offers its readers an online resource for better diet and living. The main focus of the site is looking at alternative recipes to most people’s high carb meals. Looking at low carb, high protein meal ideas and ways of approaching eating better. [...]
Summary: Sleep Learning looks at training and conditioning your brain while you sleep, also known as subliminal learning. Through subliminal learning, it offers a fantastic opportunity to build and develop yourself while you sleep. Whether you wish to learn another language, improve your memory or address your addiction, learning in [...]
Summary: Tony Robbins is many things to different people. For some, he’s an entrepreneur, others the best selling author and speaker. In the world of business and enterprise, he has been a leading advisor and industry leader. However, to millions of people, he is seen also as a modern guru [...]
Summary: Homemade Medicine is a site dedicated to alternative, homemade medicine and remedies. The site looks at different methods and approaches to treating ailments and illnesses outside of traditional medicine. Sharing and discussing recipes for medicines and approaches for treatments, the site is an online platform for natural medicine and [...]