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Summary: Subliminal MP3s is a self-development brand who specialises in subliminal audio programmes that helps their customers reach their personal goals and dreams. From improving their memory to learning a new language, the brand provides their customers with a wide range of programmes covering a vast number of personal goals [...]
Summary: Real Subliminal is a self-help brand that provides subliminal messages to help people to better themselves and meet personal goals. They have a library of over 200 subliminal messaging albums covering a wide range of goals and subjects from being more persistent and decisive to improving your social skills [...]
Summary: E-Brain is a site that looks at mental photography and looking to how people can develop this skill, and how it can be applied to everyday life. First, for those who don’t know, mental photographic is the ability to record and remember large amounts of information. The ability of mental photography [...]
Summary: The way you think. Your mindset. Effects pretty much everything you do. It colours the way you see and experience events in your life and can be the force that either propels you forward or holds you back from achieving happiness and success. Mind-sets offers you a way to program your [...]
Summary: 5 Minute Learning Machine is a self-help brand that provides their customers with a programme that can help them increase their reading speed, improve their memory and develop their learning skills. The name of the site and brand is quite self-explanatory. The programme they offer is a course to improve [...]
Summary: Hypnosis Downloads is a site where people can download hypnosis resources from CVs and courses to scripts. These products, designed and curated to tackle all manner of everyday obstacles and personal goals from overcoming your addiction to cigarettes to becoming more financially responsible. This brand is run by Roger Elliott [...]