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Summary: Homemade Medicine is a site dedicated to alternative, homemade medicine and remedies. The site looks at different methods and approaches to treating ailments and illnesses outside of traditional medicine. Sharing and discussing recipes for medicines and approaches for treatments, the site is an online platform for natural medicine and [...]
Summary: Aspire Magazine is an online and print aimed towards women with the purpose of inspiring and supporting them with their lives. A leading self-help and personal growth publication, the site describes themselves as; “-dedicated to bringing our sacred subscribers the best in feminine wisdom, empowering content and transformational resources from [...]
Summary: Actabit Weight Loss is a website which focuses on diet and nutrition, looking at achieving healthy living. The site looks at both interesting healthy recipes and the science of nutrition, educating and advising their readers on making healthy decisions with their food. The online resource covers a wide range [...]
Summary: Dieticle is a diet and nutrition website that offers its readers an online resource for better diet and living. The main focus of the site is looking at alternative recipes to most people’s high carb meals. Looking at low carb, high protein meal ideas and ways of approaching eating better. [...]
Summary: Living Well Magazine does what it says on the tin, it looks at living well and how you can do it. It is a site which looks at all aspects of living healthier and better, both in mind and body. From diet and exercise to money and tech, this [...]
Summary: Positive Daily Affirmations is a self-help site and business that looks at helping people through regular daily affirmations. Through these regular affirmations, you are able to personally develop and self-improve themselves. For those who don’t know, the use of affirmation is a common tool within the personal development and self-improvement [...]