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Summary: Subliminal Pro is a brand that looks at learning and self-improvement through subliminal messaging and while you sleep. A leading subliminal education provider and a trusted figure in the self-help and personal development community, they have a wide range of resources, courses and other products available for those who [...]
Summary: Body Mind Spirit Guide is an online holistic and metaphysical lifestyle magazine. Looking at all facets of health, spirituality and wellbeing, the publication offers there readers articles, opinion pieces and reviews around all topics concerning holistic living. From looking at the latest books and studies to interviewing leading practitioners [...]
Summary: Homemade Medicine is a site dedicated to alternative, homemade medicine and remedies. The site looks at different methods and approaches to treating ailments and illnesses outside of traditional medicine. Sharing and discussing recipes for medicines and approaches for treatments, the site is an online platform for natural medicine and [...]
Summary: Living Well Magazine does what it says on the tin, it looks at living well and how you can do it. It is a site which looks at all aspects of living healthier and better, both in mind and body. From diet and exercise to money and tech, this [...]
Summary: Peak Achievement Training is a self-improvement training provider who uses revolutionary performance enhancement technology known as Neurofeedback training. Using the world’s first accurate external interface between the human brain and a computer, it offers people a fantastic way to develop yourself. According to the site, Neurofeedback can improve a [...]
Summary: Abundance and Happiness is a self-improvement online publication that looks at helping people to achieve their dreams and succeed. Whether these dreams are financial or entail your own mental and physical health, this site looks at different ways and methods of achieving these personal goals. Identifying your goals and dreams, [...]