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Summary: Speed Manifesting is a personal development and self-improvement site which looks at beliefs and manifesting your goals and dreams. As the name suggests, this is done through channelling this focus and manifestations at great speed. This site looks at this method and helps their readers to achieve their personal [...]
Summary: Actabit Weight Loss is a website which focuses on diet and nutrition, looking at achieving healthy living. The site looks at both interesting healthy recipes and the science of nutrition, educating and advising their readers on making healthy decisions with their food. The online resource covers a wide range [...]
Summary: 11 Minute Speed Readings offers exactly what it says on the tin. Part of, an originator of accelerated learning technology that is aimed specifically for speed-reading, the site offers users with a range of products and resources to help them develop and improve their speed-reading abilities. With just eleven [...]
Summary: We all have to work. Being the best at what you do not only helps you have a sense of achievement and pride but also provides you with the challenges you need to keep motivated and moving forward. Mind Tools is a website dedicated to learning and improving the essential skills [...]
Summary: The Self Improvement Blog is a site which looks at all aspects of self-help, self-growth and self-improvement. From focusing on recovering from addiction to looking at travel for self-improvement, the site has a vast range of articles on self-help. Some are from the founder and editor but also has [...]
Summary: Body Mind Spirit Guide is an online holistic and metaphysical lifestyle magazine. Looking at all facets of health, spirituality and wellbeing, the publication offers there readers articles, opinion pieces and reviews around all topics concerning holistic living. From looking at the latest books and studies to interviewing leading practitioners [...]