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Summary: As the title suggests, Be Happy 4 Life is a self-help site dedicated to achieving happiness and living a lifestyle that is akin to good health, happiness and love. The site focuses on what they see as the ‘9 Habits of Happy People’. Perspective, Looking at how you see yourself and [...]
Summary: Self Growth is an online directory and resource centred around all aspects of self-improvement and personal development. Something of a one-stop shop for self help, it is a platform which shares articles, videos and other informative materials, the site’s resources cover a wide range of topics concerning personal development, [...]
Summary: Wisdom Magazine is a holistic publication that focuses on wisdom, reflection and a wide variety of philosophies. Dedicated to sharing and exposing open minds to different experiences, the spiritual, the metaphysical, and different ways of living and thinking. From book reviews and interviews to in-depth features and opinion pieces, the [...]
Summary: Allergy Free Gardening, calling themselves ‘The Revolutionary Guide to Healthy Landscaping’, is a gardening site which looks at allergy-free gardening and horticulture. Something different to your usual gardening and landscaping sites, this site gives a completely different look at your garden. The site is a vast resource on gardening and [...]
Summary: E-Brain is a site that looks at mental photography and looking to how people can develop this skill, and how it can be applied to everyday life. First, for those who don’t know, mental photographic is the ability to record and remember large amounts of information. The ability of mental photography [...]
Summary: 11 Minute Speed Readings offers exactly what it says on the tin. Part of, an originator of accelerated learning technology that is aimed specifically for speed-reading, the site offers users with a range of products and resources to help them develop and improve their speed-reading abilities. With just eleven [...]