Seven Building Blocks For Personal Development

Personal Authority
Personal authority is taking charge of your life and being prepared to make the necessary decisions when they arise.

Essentially this means being true to oneself.

True to your inner beliefs and values with the courage to act on them even if they differ from the everyday popular view.

To live our life in the world as we choose to live.

Exercise Your Innate Authority
When you have found yourself and become one with the world and all that is within then it is time to stand up for your self and to base your decisions, actions and behavior on your inner guides and beliefs.

Mind Sovereignty
You are the only true authority in your life and it is you who must make all the decisions.

There is no one else who can tell you how to live your life.

You and you alone are in command.

You are the guardian of your mind and what we think we become.

Threats more often than not come from within rather than from without.

Guard your mind as you would guard your most prized possession.

You are the sovereign of your own mind – the King is dead, long live the King!