Seven Building Blocks For Personal Development

Fortune favours the brave
It takes courage to follow your beliefs and convictions, especially in the face of fear and ridicule.

Courage is the ability to stick to your guns even in the face of adversity.

The Universe seems to reward the courageous and value the brave.

In all of man’s endeavors you will find that the men who achieved the most were also the most brave and courageous.

Making Your Dream Come True
To make your dreams come true you need courage.

The courage firstly to be simply yourself.

Then the courage to go on when there seems nothing more can be done.

The courage to believe in your dreams and the courage to do whatever is necessary to make them come true even when others advise otherwise.

The courage to follow your instincts and to attempt what has not been done before.

And finally you need the courage to actually take the actions that are required along the way to achieve your dream.