Seven Building Blocks For Personal Development

Personal Intelligence
Intelligence is difficult to define.

It can be used to mean very many different things such as the ability to solve problems, to reason, to comprehend and to think intellectually etc. etc.

But here we are using it in the sense of being intelligent enough to see how the basic core building blocks of personal development come together to create a synergistic whole.

Once the building blocks – the foundations are put in place then real personal development can take place.

Bringing yourself into alignment with the core fundamental truths and building blocks of personal development allowing them to guide your life IS intelligent.

Living Intelligently
Your behavior is based on values and attitudes which are in turn based on your beliefs and your intelligence.

Intelligence flows from your perception of the world, your thought process about the world and then in your actions based on your findings.

By aligning yourself with the core building blocks of personal development you exercise your choice and your intelligence.

This alignment doesn’t happen by accident.

It happens by choice – conscious intelligent choice.