Seven Building Blocks For Personal Development

The Greatest Love Of All
Love is the emotional feelings we experience when we have a strong positive attachment and affection for something.

There are many types of love such as romantic love, familial love, platonic love etc. etc. but
above all else and perhaps a prerequisite to be able to truly feel any other form of love is self love.

The words ‘ learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all’ by Whitney Houston is very true.

Self love is the ability to truly accept ourselves unconditionally for all that we are, be that good or bad. It is a positive feeling that despite our short comings, we are valuable.

Valuable to ourselves as a unique individual and to others as well.

All self confidence stems from self love and our acceptance of ourselves.

Accepting Yourself
Accepting ourselves can sometimes be one of the hardest things to do. We are filled with mixed emotions about who we are and how we fit into life. Filled with often conflicting and negative images and views about ourselves we struggle to find meaning and worth.

Life has a way of taking our innocent and pure vision of ourselves and corrupting and damaging that picture till we are no longer able to see our true valuable self in the mirror.

When we are able to set aside prejudices and judgments and can accept ourselves for exactly who and what we are, then we are able to finally begin the process of unconditional self evaluation. To learn to love ourselves.

Loving Yourself
Because loving ourselves is unconditional. That’s the secret. There is no need for excuses or apologies or anything else for that matter.

All that is needed is pure acceptance.

That can actually be so easy that sometimes people miss the wood for the trees. All you have to do to love yourself is accept yourself. How hard can that be.

The irony is that when we release ourselves from guilt is when we are best able to make changes.

Whilst we are trapped in fear and guilt we immobilized and unable to affect any great change in our lives. Let go and you will experience a very profound release form negative pressures.

And when we have let go. When we have fully accepted ourselves. Rid ourselves of guilt and fear we are then in a position to extend our love to others.

To open up our hearts to the world and to other people and to accept them also. To release them from the same guilt and fear and so better make them able to follow us and make the changes that they require.

Let go today. Just do it. Its easy. Like riding a bicycle. Just keep forward motion and soon it will be second nature.