Seven Building Blocks For Personal Development

True Oneness
Oneness is knowing.

Knowing that you are and always have been connected to everything else.

It is a state of mind.

It has no explicit aim or target.

It is just a feeling of being connected to everyone and everything.

All at the same time.

It is akin to a pure unconditional love. Directed at all.

Natural Connectiveness
From the time we are born we are encouraged and even coerced into believing that we should be separate and distinct from all else on this earth.

Although, this is somewhat true and has its merits, it is only in realizing that we are in fact all connected at a very deep level and that this connectedness is actually a joy rather than a burden.

None of us can exist without another and ultimately we are all in the same boat of life.

Whether we sink or swim is up to us all and down to the individual decisions we all make to either be as one or not.

Choosing To Connect
It is our choice to connect or not. To recognize and decide to embrace this concept as well as its reality.

The decision to do so unfolds a greater reality than we can ever experience on our own.

Oneness is the ability to recognize that we are all connected and that this connectedness is natural.