Seven Building Blocks For Personal Development

True Power
True power comes from within.

It is the ability to deliberately and consciously draw on the internal resource you have within you to create your own life and your own world.

To consciously make decisions and actions which spill over into the reality of the world and cultivate the environment to provide you with the life of your choosing.

The Power Switch
The power is there, lying dormant waiting for you. You need only accept that this power is there and waiting for you to push the button and switch the power on in your life. It is that simple.

Wielding Power
The power you have within IS powerful and can be used for good or for bad.

This is dependent on how you wish to use it.

Although, realizing and finding this power is sometimes not so easy, it is the wielding of this power that is the difficult part.

When you realize and experience this power for the first time it is intoxicating and if not married with the other building blocks can quickly lead to your own downfall.

With this power comes responsibility. The responsibility that you make your own fate.

Notwithstanding that there are influences that are not within your control, you have to accept that the ultimate power to control how you react to these external influences is solely and purely your own.

To accept this is a big burden or a liberating force for good.

To know that the responsibility is all yours is perhaps the greatest power of all.