The Pursuit of Happiness

Although the “pursuit of happiness” is one of the “unalienable rights” of people enumerated in the Declaration of Independence, it is not contained within the U. S. Constitution, and is therefore not enforceable by the courts. Some may say that this in fact reflects the realities of life.

The wording states ‘the pursuit’ and it is this, the pursuit, that is the “unalienable right’ and not happiness itself.

That is because in this pursuit there are no guarantees that happiness can be obtained and of course this pursuit of happiness may conflict with the equal rights of others to also pursue their own happiness.

True Happiness

For the truth is that true happiness can only be found within.

True happiness ultimately pursues itself into the inner world of the mind of man. And it is only there that it can finally find the non-conflicting reality of true happiness and peace.

Although self help sometimes involves changing others or the environment it primarily needs to focus on changing our own behavior, feelings, skills, thoughts and unconscious processes.

Because it isly this conscious reasoning to change aspects of our internal self, actions and situations that can lead to success.

If you think about it we are constantly attempting to solve current or anticipated problems and therefore we are all self helping, all the time.

The mind is acutely aware that there are many opportunities to modify and intervene in life to try to ‘make things better‘. This is the essence of self help and is also the motivation behind all self help endeavors.

Even when we feel hopeless and powerless, controlled by others, outside forces, circumstances, fate or a higher power there is still a spark within that seeks to take back control and to ‘intervene’ on our behalf.

Our innate ability to problem solve or cope will always show us opportunities and ways to improve and adjust. It may not be easy. It may take a lot of work. But as with all aspects of our lives whether it be staying trim and fit, acquiring expertise or maintaining relationships we will always find ways to seek out our happiness.

Inner Happiness

Happiness is our birthright. Happiness can be found. Happiness does not need to conflict with the happiness of others.

We all practice self help every day of our lives. It is not something new or something for experts. We are all experts. We need only realize and believe that we can change the way we behave. The way we BE and HAVE.

We may need to learn a little. We may need some help with our core beliefs, values and attitudes. But as soon as we recognize that happiness flows from within and not from outside we can start to change our deeply held beliefs, values and attitudes. The core deeply held beliefs, values and attitudes that effect our lives. Effect our lives everyday. For the rest of our life.