Two Primal Instinctive Goals

Primal Goals
Every man or woman has two primal urges or goals in this life, Whether he likes them or not.

The first is for self preservation and the second is for self procreation.

Mans instincts for self preservation are in order of importance

To provide shelter for himself.
To find water.
To find food.
To find stimulus (i.e. happiness and contentment).

Mans need for stimulus can also be achieved somewhat in tandem with his need to perpetuate life. The need for sex is an expression of man’s inner need to replicate himself and to perpetuate not only his image but also life itself.

Two Basic Forces
There are two basic forces at work within man that help him to evaluate and achieve his two primary aims or goals.

Two basic impulses. The impulse to move towards something and the impulse to move away from something.

All human behavior is based on these two simple premises.

Just like all computers are based on a combination of zeros and ones i.e. a binary code, so too is all human behavior and psychology.

The brain is a learning machine that is trying to seek meaning (i.e. the best way to achieve survival and procreation) and encodes it.

Meaning is derived from whether something should be moved towards or moved away from. In other words, whether something is more or less likely to help him achieve one of the two primary goals that all men inherently have.

Fulfillment and Frustration
The problem with life however, is that what man wants and needs is not always what the world and others are prepared to give him.

Sometimes the world refuses to bend to his will and of course others have similar competing aims which can often prevent the fulfillment of one or the other.

It is when a man’s search for fulfillment is frustrated either by the world in general or others in particular that problems can and do occur.

Constant frustration creates tension within the minds need for meaning and direction.

Whether it be a moving towards (frustration as in not being able to achieve or get what a person perceives he needs) or a moving away (frustration when a man’s feels trapped or unable to remove a source of fear or desire to move away) the result is always the same.

In the mind’s incessant need for meaning (map of how to proceed forward or backwards) false or corrupt rules can be created which at the time might serve a purpose but later might need to be discarded.

However, the mind is reluctant to let go of rules, especially rules that have worked before and will stubbornly cling to them in the belief that they are useful and correct.

Because deep seated rules that have entered into the subconscious of a person psychic are hard wired so to speak and need radical reprogramming to have them modified or removed.

Conscious and Subconscious Mind – Power and Control
Man always seeks to be in control of his destiny – he however cannot truly control his destiny – only his reaction to it.

But controlling your reaction to fate and events though mind power is very powerful and can in fact actually affect the outcome.